What is Online Safety?

Pound Hill Junior School is committed to ensuring that children have a safe and secure learning environment when working online at school. Staying safe online, Online Safety, is a large part of the Curriculum as well as an important life skill for children. The internet can be a fantastic resource to learn, play and communicate which is continually evolving.  However, there can be potential dangers and children need to be educated to understand how they can protect themselves online.


Online Safety is the safe and responsible use of technology online. This includes the internet and other means of communicating using an electronic device. Children need to know how to behave online and make informed, safe choices as well as device security.


Our school focuses on five main areas:

Evaluating online content

 I can evaluate what I see online.

 I can decide if it is true or not

Recognising persuasive techniques

 I can recognise when others trying to persuade me

 I can recognise when others may not be being truthful

Online behaviours

 I can explain how to behave respectfully and appropriately online

 I can recognise negative online behaviours

Identifying online risks

I can tell when I am putting myself at risk online

I can identify possible times someone else might be at risk online

How and When to speak support

I know who I can talk to for help when online

I know how to find the report/support areas on a website

 I know social media has was that I can report inappropriate content