Online Safety for Children

Keeping yourself safe online is a really important life skill that you will develop during your Pound Hill Junior School life! This page has some answers to questions you might have and links to fun websites and games.


What does online safety mean?

This means keeping yourself safe online and knowing what to do if something happens that you don’t like. It means being respectful online as you would be in the 'real' world and recognising when something is making you upset online and you tell an adult about it. 

Why do I need to be Safe Online?

The Internet is an amazing place but sometimes something could happen which makes you feel uncomfortable to someone might try to take something of yours in the online world. It is important you know what to do to stop this from happening.


What if I am worried about something online?

If anything makes your feel worried, scared or uncomfortable tell an adult straight away. Don’t worry that you might get into trouble. It is important you tell an adult.