School Lunches


School lunches by Food 4 Thought


We have a school kitchen where fresh meals are prepared daily by the Catering Team and are of a very high quality. We offer a hot option as well as a packed lunch option. The meals are very popular and are enjoyed by the children and staff each day. The menu is varied, reflecting the cultural diversity of the school as well as offering a range of vegetarian choices.


All school lunch orders are placed online via MyChildAtSchool parent portal.


Fruit, freshly baked bread, chilled milk or water are available daily.


Sandwiches and sausage rolls come with crisps and dessert of the day or yoghurt.


Hot school lunches can be ordered with 2 days’ notice via MyChildAtSchool parent portal or app. The same notice period and method aslo applies to lunch cancelling.


School packed lunches can be ordered prior to 10.30m on the day by contacting the School office via phone or email.


The cost of individual lunch is £2.75, payable via the parent portal.