Maths at Pound Hill Junior School

Our aim for teaching mathematics at Pound Hill is to create a deeper understanding to ensure that all children have the fundamental skills and knowledge to succeed in their learning. We want children to easily develop new skills, enjoy using mathematics and face challenging learning with resilience. By building on a solid foundation of number and language fluency, children will be able to access a wide range of topics and apply their developing knowledge. This will support them, not only at our school, but in future life.

Enjoyment, Fluency, Application, Language, Resilience.

Calculation Policy

Please see the example of our calculation policy. This shows the stages that we use to build up our understanding through concrete apparatus, pictorial representation and as abstract numbers. Each of these small steps are really important to avoid any misconceptions!

PHJS Maths Curriculum Overview

Please note:

  • Learning will be blocked by topic to allow for effective sequence of learning. Teachers will plan lessons using the ‘Small Steps’ from White Rose. These are also attached below.
  • The White Rose document is their sequencing and coverage suggestion, which years 3-5 follow. Year 6 will follow their suggestion but will do Fractions in the Spring term and Shape in Autumn. These will also be adjusted based on other factors as the year goes on such as assessment weeks, seasonal celebrations and school residentials. However, the order of the lessons taught within each block will stay the same.
  • Another factor affecting curriculum development has been Covid and the ‘Ready to Progress’ document criteria. This will be assessed as the year goes on and adapted along with the needs of the year group.
  • As year groups plan their weekly lessons this year, they will consider the context and cross curricular links of their learning for a particular strand.
White Rose Resources
If you would like some more in depth videos on how individual topics are taught, please head to
Where more resources that are directly linked to our curriculum outcomes can be found

Vocabulary and Stem Sentence Bank

Please see the example of our word bank to support parents and staff with the terminology used in maths. These words have stemmed from vocabulary used in the national curriculum. Alongside the definition is an example of using the word in a whole sentence that we call a stem sentence! We use these in our lessons to show our understanding and help consolidating our learning.


Also, please see the Language Progression document which outlines the fundamental vocabulary that children are expected to know and use across the Year Groups.

Parent Voice 2022
Please find answers to the Parent Voice Questionnaire as well as the slides from the workshop in Autumn 2022
Mastery for Parents
Please find a useful document that further explains the Mastery concept of Maths for Parents
Times Tables
Please see below a booklet with ideas for Times Tables activities with your child at home