Online Safety for Parents

Pound Hill Junior School is committed to ensuring that children have a safe and secure learning environment when working online at school.


Staying safe online and when using technology is a large part of the Computing curriculum as well as an important life skill for children. The internet can be a fantastic resource to learn, play and communicate which is continually evolving.  However, there can be potential dangers and children need to be educated to understand how they can protect themselves online.


Online Safety is not just about the internet, it also includes technology such as game consoles, mobile phones, tablets and many other electronic devices. Children need to learn how to protect their personal information on a range of devices and how to report online. 

Useful E-Safety website for Schools and Parents

BT, Sky, Talk Talk, and Virgin have set up internet, a non-profit organisation, which works with industry experts to give advice and tips about how to keep children safe online. Internet Matters has information on cyberbullying, privacy, identify theft and inappropriate content as well as many other areas. 


Other useful websites for more information:

Below is a link to a Facebook Live session run by London Grid for Learning. This short video has advice about how to keep children safe online and how to protect their devices. Although it is focusing on Christmas presents the advice is valid all year round!