Children's Questions about Pound Hill Junior School

Watch the videos all about Pound Hill Junior School to learn a bit more about us and some of the people you may see in September. If you have any more questions you want to ask, email us at and we will put the questions and answers on this page. This is just for questions the children may have. Any general school queries such as enrolment, uniform, lunch questions etc from parents should be directed to the office at
Who will be the Teaching Assistants in Year 3?
  • Mrs Coxall

    I am one of the Year 3 Teaching Assistants and I am very excited to meet you all.

  • Mrs Mason

    I am looking forward to seeing the new Year 3s in September

  • Mrs Lynch

    I am a Teaching Assistant working in Year 3 and Year 6, I cannot wait to meet you all!

  • Mrs Lewis

    I cannot wait to meet everyone in September. See you soon!

Questions and Answers About School Life
Question: Do we ever work with people in other classes so I can see my other friends not put with me in other classes?
Answer: Sometimes but not very often. We hope that you can see your other friends when you eat your lunch in the hall. 
Question: How do the lockers work? Is it a key combination to remember?
Answer: There are not any locks on the locker. You only have to close the door and turn the catch to lock them. Your school bag, your coat and your PE kit goes into your locker.
Question: Will there be a cosy reading corner in my new classroom
Answer: Every classroom will have a reading corner where there are lots of books for you to choose from and enjoy reading. We think that reading is important as well as fun.