Truleigh Hill 2023

The 2023 Year 3 Truleigh Hill Trip!
Day 1
We arrived at a gloriously sunny Truleigh Hill following a scenic drive through the countryside. Children spotted sheep and cows on the way and were excited to see the sea too. They were equally excited to have a snack after we had worked together to unload all the luggage!
Next, we walked to a nearby field to admire a stunning view of Bramber and the South Downs. Here we looked at some landmarks and did some sketching of the landscape. After this we returned to the centre and had lunch, sitting outside together in groups. Children were very sensible and polite, and had worked up an appetite following an exciting morning.
After lunch, children went on a bug hunt and find all sorts of fantastic creatures. They all handled these respectfully and shared what they had found with great enthusiasm. Highlights were the colourful array of dragonflies, some shiny beetles and lots of woodlice! Mr Berry also found some lizards and sloworms which the children observed from a distance. We also saw rabbits hopping around and some curious birds investigating us. Children then created a piece of natural art on sticky tape that they will bring home with them. Their creativity in this task was amazing and there were a great range of responses, followed by building some nature sculptures.  We all joined together to play some parachute games, with lifeguards trying to save their friends from 'shark' attacks. 
We then came into the centre and took some time to settle into rooms, unpack and play for a while before dinner. Dinner was a noisy affair! However, children were all polite and ate their burgers and jacket potatoes before changing into their pyjamas. 
They are currently finishing watching A Bug's Life now before bed! We've had an excellent day; children have been cheerful, respectful and enthusiastic and we are looking forward to our long walk tomorrow. :)
Day 2
Another active day at Truleigh Hill! Today we saw the departure of the first group on their long walk and journey back to Pound Hill, while our second group arrived ready to get started with their own adventures. 
On the way to Bramber, we walked down a steep Truleigh Hill with scenic views over the South Downs and out to sea. We saw lots of interesting birds, including some birds of prey hovering and hunting. We then walked along the River Adur to the village, taking in the sights and sounds of the waterway. Children were all consistently cheerful, enthusiastic and polite, greeting walkers with 'good morning' and 'good afternoon'. In the village we stopped for a crucial Calippo break and then continued on to the remains of the castle, where we discussed the history of the area and children played in the grounds before preparing to head home. Adults were all impressed by their excellent, positive attitudes and the children agreed that they'd had a great time on our school trip.
Back at the centre on Truleigh Hill, (after a snack break, of course) children took a short walk to a nearby field to enjoy the views, discuss what they could see and sketch a picture of the landscape. They stopped for some pictures and then headed back closer to the centre for some more activities. 
We built natural art sculptures from things found in the environment, accompanied by some very creative stories developed by the children. Many of the sculptures were symmetrical patterns made using leaves, children starting off with a small idea and then working together to create more complex arrangements. During the day's bug hunt, we found spiders, crickets and even a beautiful dragonfly.
After lunch we created some more art, this time an independent piece that children will bring home with them. These were wonderfully colourful and, once again, varying greatly in their type. Children shared creative ideas and helped each other to find pieces that they needed. They were all rightly very proud of the things that they had made! After this we played some parachute games in the shade, as we needed a break from the glorious sunshine, until it was time to go in, including the wildly popular 'cat and mouse'. 
Inside, children organised their rooms, played and worked in their work booklets until it was time for dinner. Many of the children commented on the delicious food and dinner was a lively time! After dinner, everybody prepared their rooms for bed and got changed. Currently we are watching a bit of A Bug's Life, just before we head to bed. 
It has been another day full of fun, creativity and energetic activities and we are all very much looking forward to a walk through the countryside tomorrow. 
Our first group have arrived home safe and sound and we look forward to getting together again on Monday to discuss the things that we've done.