Year 3 Sleepover 2024

Good evening!

The year 3s have had an absolutely action-packed day, and are currently watching their evening film.

During the day, we split into classes. The first activity was den building, where we headed into Willis Wood to find some materials to create a sturdy structure. The children worked really well as a team together, tying rope and tarpaulin to create a shelter. These were then ‘tested’ by a teacher to see how well made they were! The next activity was more teambuilding mixed with some Science. The children had to create towers using marshmallows and spaghetti and discussed which shapes were the strongest and would ‘pasta’ strength test. They were ‘tortellini’ one would collapse, where a nice straight one would stand up. A ‘fusilli’ towers had a ‘farfalle’ but the sensible ones stayed up… ‘orzo’ the children thought until they were cleared away! Later, we head to the field for some orienteering, where the children used their geographical and navigational skills to work out clues scattered around the school. An interesting last activity was Computing using sticks. Keen computer coders created an algorithm for a partner to follow, resulting in what should have been a simple shape. Some of the teachers thought it best to ‘stick’ to pen and paper.

After 3pm, we split into two larger groups. After a brief biscuit break, one group created a beautiful nature frame and took some nature pictures, while the others played parachute games. Pizza and wedges were gobbled for dinner followed by Mr. Ferguson’s disco, which was full of vibes and every ounce of energy was used up with enthusiastic dancing- and that was just the teachers! We are now winding down for a film while milk warms and hot chocolate is whisked, and afterwards the children will set up their comfy cubby holes for bed and arrange their teddies. The children and teachers have had a lovely, busy day and are ready for some well deserved sleep.