Isle of Wight 2024

Hello parents/carers! 
Here you will find updates on how your wonderful children are getting along! We will aim to upload every evening but don't panic if it's not there straight away, we are extremely busy.
Kind regards,
Miss Saunders, Miss Bridger, Mrs Balint and Miss Uranie
Day 1 - Monday
Our trip has started with lots of excitement, a beautiful boat ride, plenty of yummy food and of course, getting absolutely soaked! We arrived safely this morning, and had a big lunch to give us energy for our first activity. We spent the afternoon completing lots of fun team-work activities, water confidence games and challenging problem-solving tasks. We finished off our water confidence by all doing a pontoon jump to prove to ourselves we can go fully in (we even convinced Miss Uranie to do it too!). Dripping wet but still smiling, we quickly became hungry, which meant everyone ate very well at dinner time.
This evening we went crabbing and caught lots of big crabs - we were way better at it than Miss Bridger! Whilst half of us did that, the other half used our teamwork skills to build a shell for our water balloon drop. As we built it so well, we were allowed to throw them at our instructor which was very funny. Mahi got him right in the face with her throw haha! You'll be glad to know we are all enjoying ourselves tremendously and are safe and well. 
Day 2 - Tuesday
We all settled well last night. After brushing our teeth and a little bit of chatter with our room mates, we were fast asleep by 10pm and there wasn't a peep until 6:30am! Everyone filled up on an excellent, hot breakfast and we got into our wetsuits ready for the day. All groups joined together and spent the morning kayaking which was extremely fun despite the cold water! Luckily the weather was on our side with the sun heating us back up quickly! We played 'instructor says'  and 'bus stop' which was very difficult in a kayak with our bus getting almost 8 or 9 of us on one kayak (before completely capsizing into the water)!
With such a jam-packed morning we all were very hungry for lunch and ate well.
In the afternoon we went paddle boarding; where we played fruit salad, relay races and the instructors made sure we were stepping up our learning even more by teaching us how to ride the giant paddleboard. Trying to climb from board to board in the fruit salad game was very tricky and it's safe to say, most of us failed at trying to stay dry! Many of us enjoyed a last jump off the pontoon, making the most of every last second in the water.
After getting showered and warm we sat down for our relaxation time before eating a very scrumptious dinner (breaded chicken and mac n cheese)!
Now we know you're all thinking this must be it for activities but the teachers really like to wear us out so we spent the evening going swimming and completing a disney quiz. Our instructor Adam made sure we had loads of fun in the pool by setting up obstacle courses and letting us go on the big float.
Well that was an eventful day, so all our heads have hit the pillow and we're fast aslee....zzzzzzzzz
Day 3 - Wednesday 
Today has been another fantastic day for us all. Sleeping seems better now we are all settled and we are beginning to get into the routine of things here. Breakfast was delicious yet again so we all ate lots to get us energized for a fun-filled day! 
This morning Miss Saunders' and Miss Uranie's group went keelboating. We all learnt how to be good sailing captains and enjoyed a lovely view. The boat tips so far when the sails fully up that Miss Saunders was worried it was topple over (luckily the instructor told us that can't happen)! The other half of us spent the morning building on our paddleboarding skills and by the end most of us were able to lie down and stand up on a paddle board without falling in the sea! Miss Bridger joined Mrs Balint's group for a game of wobble wars to finish off the session (she definitely lost!).
After lunch, we split back into our groups and switched activities. Group A and B went paddleboarding and our wobble wars didn't quite go to plan with lots of us wobbling it so much to get the other person in that we fell in ourselves! Group C and D went keelboating and held Mrs Balint's life in their hands as they learnt to man the keelboat whilst multitasked to entertain her with the same 2 songs sung on repeat... Miss Bridger got a ride on the powerboat so she could take pictures of us all but don't worry we sang loud enough for her to hear us too!
After a long day, we had burgers for dinner and then bought ice creams which we were very happy about!
Now we are sitting all cosy in our onsies, tucked up on beanbags, watching Lilo and Stitch. 
All in all, we have really showed a great deal of resilience today and can't wait to tell you all about it once we are home.
Day 4 - Thursday
Our final full day was filled with some very exciting activities! We all slept well, with Miss Saunders having to wake us up this morning rather than the other way around! A good hearty breakfast of full English or pancakes started us off and off we split into 2 groups. 
Group A and B started the morning off with some more kayaking, honing in our skills from Tuesday. We decided as fun as that was, we also wanted time in the sea playing exciting water games (yes we really did ask to get more wet!). Group C and D went out to the beach and tried dinghy sailing for the first time which was very difficult. As soon as the wind caught our sails we were off, switching side to side to stop our dinghys from capsizing. Some of us spent time on the beach finding gorgeous shells that you'll be happy to know we are packing to bring home. 
Lunch time came quickly and we all had our exact choices of sandwiches. 
This afternoon, group A and B took the dinghys out and had a very eventful time at the beach. With a few of us capsizing our dinghys, due to the pick up in wind, we were laughing away trying to keep our own boat afloat. Group C and D decided it was slightly too cold for kayaking again and instead asked for a boat ride down the river. Our instructor told us all about the different buildings, shipwrecks and even crocks creak (ahhh)! We learnt a lot and we are pretty sure all of Cowes heard our singing from the boat. 
Dinner was delicious again and we began to get changed for our final night disco! Adam, our instructor, made sure to play all our requests and even let a few of us sing on the microphone! All us kids and our teachers spent the evening getting our faces painted and dancing the night away! 
Tucked up in bed by 9:30pm tonight, we can't wait to see you all tomorrow to tell you about our exciting adventures in person.