Hindleap Year 4 2023

Welcome parents/carers! On here we will be uploading pictures each day of what the children have been up to. Please bear with us if sometimes it takes a while to upload, as each day is jam-packed with activities!

Day 1: 

We are delighted to say that we have all arrived safely and have had a fantastic day to start off our trip! After getting off the coach, the children had a quick lesson on how to make a bed. Whilst turning into ghosts trying to find their duvets in amidst their covers, the rooms were eventually ready for inspection with lots of excited and proud smiles. We had a lovely tour around the centre to put the children's minds at ease then had the yummy lunches you all made! 

This afternoon the children split into their 3 groups and set off to their first activity. Mr Langdon's group (group 1) learnt some great survival skills with shelter building and fire lighting. Even though he was very impressed with their final shelters and fires, rest assured the children are not sleeping in there tonight. Miss Bridger's group (group 3) started their trip off with a 'splash' by getting as muddy as they could - good luck with the washing! Showing tons of determination, they made their way through the obstacles of dirt... Some of them even had mud war paint to show off that they had made it through. Lastly Mrs Cushing's group (group 2) started off by attempting the dreaded pentagon... She couldn't stop telling all the staff at dinner the resilience and risk-taking qualities that all his group had shown by giving it a go. Both group 2 and 3 then swapped their activities making sure to share tips with the others. A few super brave children in Mrs Cushing's group, even went around the pentagon whilst blindfolded! 

After a very tiring afternoon, we all stuffed our faces with a delicious pasta meal. All the children ate well with some plates looking licked clean! The children are now filling out their diaries and winding down before we set off on a calm evening nature walk! The children will have hot chocolate and a bedtime story afterwards and (fingers crossed) will be so tired from the long day that they'll head straight to bed. :) 

Day 2:

What a day! It started off with a hearty breakfast which gave us fuel for the day. The children split into their groups in the morning with Mrs Cushing's group and Miss Bridger's group learning the key skills of shelter building and fire lighting. Their shelters withstood 'Storm Oz' and everyone remained dry. The children showed great collaboration and persistence in creating fire with flint and steel (especially as they were working with slightly damp kindling)! Our instructors even used the fires to cook popcorn for us! Mr Langdon’s group braved the 'petrifying pentagon' then went on to get soaked in the obstacles and badger tunnels. Mrs Taylor was amazed by the bravery and determination their group showed and couldn’t believe her eyes when a couple of children who didn’t want to try the pentagon ended up going round twice!  

The afternoon really stole the show though with all 3 groups coming together for the much-anticipated forest adventure! We warded off the dangerous drop bears that frequent Hindleap Warren by making some questionable deer noises. Then we padded through the swamps and streams of the forest getting more drenched with each step. The children loved every minute! They jumped in every puddle and splashed their teachers at every chance they got (haha). Miss Bridger and Mrs Cushing may have convinced the children to aim their splashes at Mr Langdon though – oops! 

After lots of excitement we came back, got out of our very wet and muddy clothes (good luck!) and headed to dinner. The children seemed very happy to see curry on the menu. No sooner had we scraped our plates, we were heading to the classroom for some work in our Hindleap diaries for some chill out time.  

Although our day hasn’t ended there with one final surprise of Miss King turning up! We are about to head off and sing songs, led by Miss King, around the campfire before more of our story and bed! Hopefully the children will head straight to sleep tonight as we are all very tired, dreaming of drop bears as they go.