Year 5

Hello Year 5!
We are really sorry we can't see you at school but are also glad we can continue to keep everyone as safe as possible. 
If you are coming here to find work to do at home, you will need to head to Microsoft Teams, where we have set activities for each day over the next couple of weeks. 
Your teachers should have already given you your log ins and encouraged you to have a go already, but if you are only just getting round to doing this, and you have any problems, email our class emails below and we can help you get on. Don't forget that if your password is less than 8 characters, you need to fill out the rest of the characters with # symbols
for example, frog6 would become frog6### 
You will need to hand your work in on Teams, not the class emails, where we can give you feedback.
We also want to remind you that your parents will be very busy during this time as well. We expect in Year 5 that you are able to access and complete work independently, with having to ask your parents for help being a last resort. Please work together at home to help each other.  
We hope to see you really soon!
From Mr Church, Mr Ferguson, Ms Bridger and Ms Finch
Class emails
French Learning
For French, Miss Singleton would like you to:
  • Revise Weather using the BBC bitesize resources
  • Revise the numbers 1-100