A Message from the Current Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!
You might be feeling nervous, excited, happy, worried, unsure, keen to start and many many other emotions! Do not worry - it is normal to feel all of this. Some of our wonderful Year 3s have written you letters to explain what school life is like and to answer some questions you might have. Enjoy reading!

Dear Year 2s,


Welcome to Pound Hill Junior School!


In the school, if you get lost you can ask someone where to go and if you don't know what class to go into they have labels on the glass. Everyone is really friendly and will always help you. My class is called 3SK.


In English you learn about fun books, my favourite book is called Viking Raiders.


I really like the theme days, there are lots of fun things to do! For Circus Day you have to wear colourful clothes. For Recycling Day you do junk modelling and for Viking Day a visitor comes in.


Inside the classrooms, we have bright walls, the one in my classroom is orange. 3DL's wall is purple and 3SB's wall is pink. 


We also have two rabbits and a guinea-pigs, also there is a dog called Poppy and you will see her in French. 


At the school, we also have the big play equipment which is really fun to play on during break and lunch times.


You will really like it here!




Dear Year 2


Thank you for your questions. I am 8 years old and go to Pound Hill Junior School and I’m in year 3. Let me tell you all about our school and the fun things we do there.


In year 3 we read a new book every term in English and we all have our own journal that we put our work in. We have learnt how to tell the time, to draw and use a bar chart, every morning we do arithmetic and we also practice our times tables. Our science lessons are great fun as we do lots of experiments using different objects like cars, torches and magnets. Art and craft lessons, we get to use water colours for painting and we also made a peg doll that we could take home. There are so many exciting things we do so please don’t be nervous, as there are lots of adults around to help, and of course, lots of children too!


Throughout year 3, we have days that we can dress up. On Circus Day, we could come to school dressed in colourful clothes, the brighter the better, but on recycling day, we had to dress in dark boring clothes, quite a difference. Unfortunately, we couldn’t dress up for Viking Day this year, but hopefully, you will be able to.  Also, we have days when the whole school dress up like on Numbers Day and World Book day.


Our classrooms are bright and colourful and display the topic work we have done. At break and lunch time, we are able to play football, four square and use the new play equipment especially practicing on the monkey bars. When the weather is dry we can play on the field too. We are so lucky to have pets in our school.  Smoky and Ivy our rabbits and Poppy the school dog who spends a lot of her time in the French Classroom, I do wonder if she barks in French, what do you think?



Dear Year 2,
I am writing to tell you about how it feels to be at Pound Hill Junior School. You will really like it here, it is so cool!
In year 3 you will learn lots of different subjects like French, Reading, Science, English and more! My favourite subject is PE. You also get to read lots of different books and can earn different rewards like Pupil of the week and house point certificates! At Pound Hill Junior School you get homework including: reading 3 times, spelling and Maths.
You will also have theme days about the topic you are learning about - these days are so fun! If you are lucky you might be an Eco rep, Digital Leader or School Council rep.
It is so good at Pound Hill Junior School, I hope you enjoy it!
Kind regards,
Dear Year 2,
Hello! I am writing to let you know about Year 3. Pound Hill Junior School is fantastic, it's so fun learning here!
You'll read some exciting and adventurous books like Leon and the Place Between, Storm and Viking Raiders as well as many more! The timetable will include accurate arithmetic, marvellous maths, excellent English and more! PE is the best lesson ever because it helps keep you active and healthy, exercise is really good for you!
Sometimes we have different days like Children in Need and Circus Day where you will dress up! The large play equipment is brilliant because there's loads of different places you can climb on it, there is: a slide, monkey bards, climbing wall, there is everything! We even have pets! The school has one Guinea Pig called Popcorn, she is so furry. Poppy is the school dog, she loves the French room! We have also got two rabbits called Smoky and Ivy, they love to chew Dandelion leaves.
You will love it here!
Dear Year 2,
I know you are coming to Year 3 in September. I am writing to tell you some of the fun things that you will be doing here. It is brilliant!
You will be learning about Science and will do fun experiments, reading books to fit in with your themes in English and doing calculations in maths (my favourite lesson!). You will have lots of fun learning.
We have theme days like Circus Day where we do cool activities and dress up in colourful clothing, and Number Day where we do maths activities and wear a number costume. There are other theme days but you will have to find these out for yourself. 
The dinner hall food is delicious and there is large play equipment, a fresh green firled and a huge playground. House Points can be earned if you do something good. Mr White is a nice headteacher unless you make a bad choice. Poppy is a lovely labrador who you will meet in the French room every Thursday. Pen licences can be earned for very neat handwriting. Good luck in Year 3!
Best Wishes,
Dear Year 3,
I have heard that you will be joining us in September. In Year 3 you will be doing lots of activities like art and computing and some tests but there is no need to worry about them. You will also be doing French and you will have some magnificent teachers.
In Year 3 there are some fabulous books but I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. There are quite a few and I hope you will love them as much as I do. You will get to do spelling and PSHE too (Personal, Social, Health and Economics).
The theme days are Circus Day where there are loads of fun activities, and Recycling Day and Number Day and these are really fun.
The playtime is great and so exciting. There is a big fresh green field. Mr White is a brilliant principal and Poppy is nice and fluffy with lots of patterns. 
Best wishes,