The Year 3 Teachers and School Life

Year 3 Teachers
These are your three Year 3 teachers (in alphabetical order) Mr Berry, Miss King and Mr Langdon. Here you can find out a bit more information about them and maybe you could even come up with some questions you would like to ask them on your first day of school.
We want to know about you! 

The year 3 teachers want to invite you to share some information about yourself. You can create a simple fact page just like the teachers have done and share some interesting information about you. It could be your favourite food, what subjects you enjoy doing, any pets you have - anything you like. When you've finished please email it to for the year 3 teachers to see. 
We have created a booklet for you to learn all about your new school and there are also a few things for you to complete in the booklet. 
You can download this booklet and then fill it in. Watch the videos about life at school as well to help you answer some parts of the booklet.