The School Pets

We are very lucky at our school because we have school pets! There is Poppy the school dog, who is often found in the French room, there are two rabbits, Smokey and Ivy and two guinea pigs called Skye and Popcorn! 

By a Year 3 child: My favourite thing about Pound Hill Junior School: The rabbits. I like to see them and to be with them and the guinea pigs are so cheeky. Poppy is our school dog and I love to smile at her when I walk past Mr White’s office.

This is Poppy. Poppy is a good girl and has had a special trainer come into school to make sure she is well behaved and safe at all times. Poppy goes to French lessons and often can be seen walking around the school field! If you ever feel sad or anxious you can ask if you can see Poppy as she is very good at listening and can make you feel calm. You do not have to stroke Poppy if you do not want too. It is very important that you do not run after or chase Poppy as this will upset her. Wait for her to come to you. 
This is Smoky and Ivy. They live next to the playground in a pen which has a huge castle for them to play on. Year 6 children are in charge of looking after them and sometimes you might seem them cleaning out their cages at lunch time. To keep the rabbits safe you are not allowed in the pen unless you are with an adult and have earned time to be there as a reward. You can watch the rabbits at break and lunch times!