Isle of Wight 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians, 
Below you will find updates about our adventures during our trip to the Isle of Wight! We will try to upload pictures each evening but please bear with us.
Best wishes, 
The Year 5 team :) 
Day 1 - Monday
Our trip has started with lots of excitement, a beautiful boat ride, plenty of yummy food and of course, getting absolutely soaked! We arrived safely this morning, and let the children know who they would be sharing a room with (there were lots of happy faces!) before setting off for lunch to give us energy for our first activity. We spent the afternoon completing lots of fun team-work activities, water confidence games and challenging obstacles which led to few cases of falling into the sea! Dripping wet but still smiling, we quickly became hungry, which meant everyone ate very well at dinner time.
We are currently spending time learning about plastic waste and the effect it has on our oceans, before we fill our evening up with table tennis, team games, ultimate frisbee and elevation! You'll be glad to know we are all enjoying ourselves tremendously and are safe and well. 
Day 3 - Wednesday
Today has been another fantastic day for us all. Sleeping seems better now we are all settled and we are beginning to get into the routine of things here. Breakfast was delicious yet again with one of us coming up with the brilliant idea of mixing the two options into a sausage sandwich - which was very yummy :) 
We cracked on with our activities straight after breakfast. Half of us went Windsurfing which despite the colder weather was filled with lots of laughter and most of us falling in! The other half of us showed off our balancing skills during a fun-filled Kayaking session where we had to spin around, stand up, climb on the bow and the stern before finishing off with a race and a game of pirates. Unfortunately, we were all made to walk the dreaded plank...
After lunch, we split back into our groups ready for a jam-packed afternoon. In group 1 we went Keelboating and held Miss Bridger's and Mr Church's lives in our hands as we learnt how to man the keelboat. Thank goodness we were taught how to be such good sea captains as we sailed the choppy waters, all working as a team to steer us out into the Solent. 
In group 2, Miss Shaw and Miss Saunders weren't so lucky. During paddle boating, we made sure they were splashed, crashed into, wobbled and of course dunked to really show them how much we appreciate them! 
To make things even better after such a great afternoon, we had lasagne for dinner, topped with a visit to the ice cream van. We are now going swimming and to an archery class before we head off to sleep.
All in all, we have really showed a great deal of resilience today and can't wait to tell you all about it once we are home. 
Day 2 - Tuesday
We all settled well last night. After brushing our teeth and a little bit of chatter with our room mates, we were was fast asleep by 9:30pm and there wasn't a peep until 6:30am! 
Everyone filled up on an excellent, hot breakfast and we got into our wetsuits ready for the day. Amongst our different groups, some of us spent the morning Kayaking and some Wind Surfing which was extremely fun despite the cold water! Luckily the weather was on our side with the sun heating us back up quickly!
In the afternoon half of us went Keel boating and even had a go on a speed boat (don't worry as crazy as it sounds we were all safe and very happy!). We all learnt how to be good sailing captains and enjoyed a lovely view. The other half of us spent the afternoon attempting to go paddle boarding which included lots of fun games, races and even a war of pushing each other in. Miss Bridger and Mr Church had a good battle with Miss Bridger dunking him in last but a couple of the boys definitely won the war by getting us all in the most - including themselves!
We've had another delicious meal and are currently filling in our diaries. Soon we'll be off for a swim and crabbing before heading off for a much-needed sleep!
More photos will be up later! 
Day 4 - Thursday 
What a day! We had an action-packed last day with our favourite two activities: Paddle Boarding and Kayaking! The instructors made sure we were stepping up our learning by including a giant Paddleboard and Kayaking far down the river Medina. Our strength and resilience just keeps on growing during this eventful week! The most exciting game we played during Paddle Boarding has got to be 'fruit salad' - we tied all our boards together and had to switch places with each other by jumping and climbing from board to board. Safe to say, most of us failed at trying to stay dry! Many of us enjoyed a last jump off the pontoon, making the most of every last second in the water. Some of us even managed to jump in doing yoga poses! It's our last supper tonight and then we get to snuggle down with a movie on some giant bean bags for the final evening. We are all going to be sad to say goodbye to the Isle of Wight and UKSA, but we're all looking forward to coming home, giving you all a big hug and getting into our own beds.